Hartford Plant Company

About Us

The Hartford Plant Company took shape serendipitously. Valentina, who is the principal microgreen grower, needed to leave Belarus in late 2020, affected by the tragic political circumstances in her country. Shortly after joining her daughter and son-in-law, Anastasiya and Matt, in West Harford, she began passing her time propagating begonias and cultivating an ever-growing collection of plants and flowers around their home. Seeing her skills and interest in plants, we soon began experimenting with microgreens, and after enjoying them ourselves for a time, we decided to start offering our microgreens for purchase. Since February of 2021, we have been regularly providing our greens to a growing number of restaurants throughout West Hartford, Glastonbury, and Hartford; we also become vendors at the West Hartford Farmers’ Market, where we can be found each Saturday from 9am-1pm in season, with a drop off window available on Arapahoe Street near Blueback Square all year around. In July 2021, having outgrown the limited space available in our home where we first began to grow, we moved into our own commercial kitchen in the Swift Factory, located near Keney Park in Hartford.

We continue to sell our microgreens to restaurants throughout Connecticut, now providing weekly orders to Greater Hartford, Middletown, New Haven, Essex, and Old Saybrook. We also continue selling to individual customers at the West Hartford Farmers' Market during the season, in addition to dropping off personal orders for pickup at Essential Health on Park Road in West Hartford. You may also pick up your order from our grow room in the Swift Factory by arrangement. If you would like to place an order, please write to matt@hartfordplantco.com.