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Our Story

The Hartford Plant Company took shape serendipitously. Valentina, who is the principal microgreen grower, needed to leave Belarus in late 2020, affected by the tragic political circumstances in her country. Shortly after joining her daughter and son-in-law, Anastasiya and Matt, in West Harford, she began passing her time propagating begonias and cultivating an ever-growing collection of plants and flowers around their home. Seeing her skills and interest in plants, we soon began experimenting with microgreens...




Organically Grown

The Hartford Plant Company

Our Microgreens

Microgreens will retain their flavor and nutritional benefits beyond a week, and for as many as three weeks in the case of pea shoots. However, the fresher the better for taste and nutrients, which is why we offer a weekly delivery service that brings greens harvested each Tuesday straight to your door. Peer-reviewed studies on microgreens’ nutrition have increased significantly in recent years, confirming the outstanding health benefits of incorporating this superfood into our diets. Some of the numbers are truly astounding. Red cabbage microgreens, for example, contain 6x more vitamin C, 20x more lutein/ zeaxanthin, 40x more vitamin E, and 260x more beta-carotene than their mature counterpart. Micro broccoli, kale, pea, radish, cilantro, sunflower, and more, are similarly strong in their nutritional densities as compared to their full-grown versions. Here are some of the great features of microgreens.

Exponentially Nutritious

Microgreens have exponentially more nutrients than their full-grown counterparts.

Exceedingly Flavorful

Just as they are far more nutritious, the flavors of plants at the microgreen stage are also far stronger – you need less to taste more.

Pleasingly Aromatic

Some microgreens, especially herbs such as cilantro, are stronger in their aromas as well – meal prep can smell even better.

For Decore & More

Sometimes microgreens serve as garnishes at restaurants – though they’re much more than that, they do nicely dress any plate they land on.

A Healthy Snack

Some microgreens such as sunflower are spectacular snacks all by themselves – next time you visit your fridge between meals, reach for some microgreens.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to packing a nutritional and flavorful punch, microgreens reduce environmental footprints. Micro broccoli, for example, requires hundreds of times less water than a nutritionally equivalent amount of mature broccoli.

How to Order

We provide microgreens, organically grown and freshly harvested on the day of delivery, to restaurants and to individual customers.

Personal orders can be picked up at the West Hartford Farmers' Market during the season, and at Essential Health on Park Road in West Hartford all year around. Pickup at our grow room in the Swift Factory, and personal home delivery, may also be possible. Email matt@hartfordplantco.com for further details.

Restaurants seeking additional information, including weekly delivery times, our weekly fresh sheet, and our wholesale prices may also contact us via email at matt@hartfordplantco.com.

Pictured below are some of the varieties we regularly grow and sell to individual and restaurant buyers alike.

Rainbow Mix

Spicy Mix





Our Microgreens Around Town

Our microgreens are in homes and restaurants throughout Greater Hartford. Here are a few examples of how they are showing up on people’s plates around town.